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'When you take on different coaching roles, embrace it.'

Last week, Roy Manning officially returned to his old stomping grounds as a player at Michigan where he will now coach the outside linebackers.

Manning's coaching career has evolved in a hurry and he has collected some quality experience on both sides of the ball. After playing linebacker as a Wolverine and spending a few seasons in the NFL, Manning started off as a defensive assistant at Cincinnati in 2010 before heading back to Ann Arbor as a defensive graduate in 2011. Manning headed back to Cincinnati and served as the running backs coach in 2012, and when Butch Jones left for Tennessee at the end of the year, Manning ended up joining the Northern Illinois staff coaching the running backs. Then Michigan called with an opening, and Manning found his way back to Ann Arbor.

The experience on both sides of the ball at the major college level is something that Manning sees the value in, and he acknowledges that being open to take on different roles has helped him develop as a coach and make him an asset to any staff. Over the weekend, Manning shared his thoughts on getting experience on both sides of the ball.

"In coaching, you have to know it all, that's one thing that I've learned." Manning explained. "As a player you focus on your position and what you have to do, and in the NFL you evolve to your side of the ball. In coaching you have to understand all of it."

"Sometimes your career will you different places and you'll be in different roles, and the important thing is to embrace it because it will only make you better."

Manning makes a great point. Having a diversified resume will not only help you understand the game more, but it will also make you more marketable in the coaching market. So when you get the opportunity, embrace it and make the most of it.

You can also tell that he's pretty excited to be back in the maize and blue.