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Whittingham disappointed with offense, runs Utes post-practice

Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham didn’t exactly like the execution from the Utes’ offense during Monday’s practice. 

Whittingham said, "The offense might be reading some of their own press with eight returning starters, but nobody cares. Our defense doesn't care. We have Pittsburgh coming up, they don't care. You still have to make plays." 

Following practice, Lya Wodraska of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote, “The Utes ran a bunch of gassers after practice. I lost count of how many they ran, but it was definitely the longest session of sprints I've seen the Utes run in a long time.” 

Said Whittingham, "We needed it. You don't want to test their courage every day but there comes times periodically when you want to test them and see where they are at." 

Utah hosts Pittsburgh on Thursday night September 2nd.