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'Ten teams had 88 or more snaps this weekend. Seven of them lost'

Kyle Whittingham and co-offensive coordinators Brian Johnson and Dennis Erickson entered week one with the aim of pushing the tempo against a Utah State team that beat them in overtime last season.

This year was a different story. The Utes escaped with a 30-26 win and their new uptempo approach allowed them to get off 72 plays, which is a pretty good number according to Whittingham's comments yesterday.

"I think tempo is overrated. I hear so much about tempo that it's starting to be a little irritating." Coach Whit explains at the 4:15 mark.

"If my information is correct, there was ten teams in Division I football that snapped the ball 88 times or more this past weekend, and seven of those teams lost. So there is a point of diminishing returns for tempo and it's not about tempo, it's about execution and the players that are playing for you."

The seven teams that snapped the ball 88 times or more include Cal, San Diego State, Fresno State, Marshall, SMU, BYU, Houston, Rice, Washington State and Boise State. Only Fresno State, Marshall and Houston escaped with wins.

Still, those stats don't provide a whole lot of ammo to advocate for tempo equaling wins. Whittingham has a great point, it's still about executing your respective scheme.

"Tempo is all fine and dandy, but there is a point where if you start to go too fast, I think that it starts to have a negative effect. so snapping it 74 or 75 times is just about right, as far as we're concerned."