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Who are the most powerful men in football?

Sports Illustrated released its list of the 50 Most Powerful People in Sports on Tuesday and, unsurprisingly, seemingly half the list has major football ties. 

From commissioners, owners, television executives, agents, apparel executives, gaming executives - really it's a whole lot of executives - they're all presented and accounted for throughout the list. 

1. Roger Goodell - NFL commissioner. Certainly a unanimous pick for No. 1.
3. Philip Anschutz - AEG owner. Anschutz's sports and entertainment conglomerate owns the Staples Center, O2 in London, Barclays Center in Brooklyn and has the inside track on building a downtown football stadium in Los Angeles.
4. John Skipper - ESPN president. Skipper's company has television rights agreements with nearly every league and conference known to man.
7. Mark Lazarus - NBC sports chairman. NBC owns Sunday Night Football, Notre Dame football and a growing college football package on NBC Sports Network. 
9. Phil Knight - Nike chairman. Knight's company sparked a uniform revolution at Oregon that quickly spread throughout the game.
12. Robert Kraft - New England Patriots owner.
13. Sean McManus - CBS Sports chairman. CBS sports shows two of football's three biggest conferences - the AFC and the SEC - along with the fledgling CBS Sports Network.
15. Eric Shanks - Fox Sports co-president. Longtime NFC rights holders, Fox has come on strong in televising college football by showing Big 12, Pac-12 and Conference USA games on its family of networks.
17. Mike Slive - SEC commissioner. When Slive speaks, people listen. Seven straight crystal balls will do that for you.
19. Jerry Jones - Dallas Cowboys owner. Jerry has been able to stay squarely in the middle of football's most influential circles despite his team not winning anything for 17 years.
24. Kevin Plank - UnderArmour CEO. The closest challenger to Phil Knight on the market.
26. Jim Delany - Big Ten commissioner. Delany doggedly fights for what's best for the Big Ten - outside ramifications be damned. 
29. Glazer family - Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners. The Glazers, owners of Manchester United, wield more power in the futbol world.
32. Herbert Hainer - Adidas Group CEO. Between Knight, Plank and Hainer, you know where to address your complaint letter the next time your team's uniforms get a makeover.
35. DeMaurice Smith - NFL Players Association executive director.
38. Mark Emmert - NCAA president. Presented without comment.
39. John Riccitiello - Electronic Arts CEO. Between Madden and NCAA Football, Riccitiello's company is responsible for more time wasting of America's youth than anyone else on this list.
47. Tom Condon - Creative Arts Agency co-head of football division. Condon counts Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Robert Griffin III and the Manning brothers among his clients. 

In all, that's 18 of sport's 50 most powerful figures with ties - some loose, some direct - to football. In the coming days, Sports Illustrated will reveal its sport-specific lists, which we'll dive into as well.

You can view the full slideshow here.

UPDATE: Andy Staples has submitted SI's list of the most powerful individuals in college sports.

1. Mike Slive
2. Jim Delany
3. Mark Emmert
4. Ed O'Bannon - the lawsuit led by the UCLA basketball player could determine whether it is lawful to market college athletes in video games, DVDs, t-shirts, etc., without paying them. This could be a game changer.
5. Burke Magnus - ESPN vice president of college sports programming. 
6. Eric Shanks
7. Larry Scott - Pac-12 commissioner
8. DeLoss Dodds - Texas athletic director
9. Jimmy Sexton - college coaching super agent
10. Lee Fitting - senior coordinating producer, ESPN College GameDay