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Who will deliberately enrage Nick Saban on Friday morning?

It's sort of a slow Monday morning, but things are certain to pick up throughout the week. SEC Media Days begin on Wednesday from Birmingham, AL.

Wednesday's schedule includes Petrino, Spurrier, Muschamp, and Mullen.

Thursday's schedule includes Joker, Richt, Chizik, and Dooley.

Friday's schedule includes Saban, James Franklin, Nutt, and Les.

This morning, our favorite tweet came from EDSBS, who wrote, "SEC Media Days are this week. Commence annual straw-drawing to pick reporter who will ask question to deliberately enrage Nick Saban."

In case anyone needs suggestions, we've gathered some questions that would likely agitate Coach Saban.

1. Coach, can you please give me the day & time when you will let us know who your starting quarterbackwill be?

2. Coach, can you give us an in-depth injury report?

3. Coach, you finished 4th in the SEC West last season, but your overall success at Bama has been terrific. You seem to enjoy being back in college football. Are you dead set on staying in college football?

4. Coach, how many of those “Never Forget, 28-27” signs are still up inside your facility?

5. Coach, you seemed rather juiced during your youth camper speech in June. Could you enlighten us as to which player may have been arrested the night before?

6. Coach, can you tell us about your relationship with Will Muschamp and how you think he will do at Florida?

7. Coach, what did you think of Gene Chizik’s new book?

8. Coach, again, for the record, how many games do you think Auburn would have won last year without Cam Newton?


Do you have a good question for Coach Saban? Let us know in our newly added conversation section down below.