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Why Troy Calhoun is one of the bravest head coaches in the country

Each year, one of the biggest cat-and-mouse games played in the college football media is with the Coaches' Poll. For as long as we have this dumb system - which weighs the Coaches' Poll, the Harris Poll and a consortium of computer polls into equal thirds - each of the 60 voting coaches plays an ever so small (around 0.5 percent) in deciding who plays for their own national championship. Not only that, but bowl berths are decided and bonuses are awarded based, in part, on the Coaches' Poll.

Naturally, the media wants the Coaches' Poll to be as transparent as possible. And, naturally, the coaches don't. Coaches had their way until a controversial ending to the 2004 regular season led to the AFCA agreeing to make ballots public - for one poll. Up until the final week of the season, we still have no idea how coaches vote they way they do.

And that brings us to Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun. For the second year in a row, Calhoun is making each of his weekly ballots available to USA Today for public consumption. 

There's nothing controversial about Calhoun's ballot - he's a little higher than his peers on LSU, Notre Dame and Washington, and a tad lower on Louisville and Florida State. You can check it out here.

Props to Calhoun for voluntarily stepping in front of the curtain.