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Why was Stanford OC Mike Bloomgren wearing Google Glasses yesterday?


Friday's Rose Bowl press conference went off as all press conferences tend to go, except for one thing. Perched on the face of Stanford offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren was a piece of futuristic technology that I can't recall anyone actually using in real life, let alone a football coach: Google Glasses. If there was one staff in college football to try out a pair of Google Glasses, it would definitely be Stanford, and if there was one member on the Stanford staff to wear them, it would definitely be Bloomgren.

Courtesy of Stanford beat writer David Lombardi, here is Bloomgren's explanation in his own words:

"Man, that is a great question, and I'm glad you asked. First off, it's a way for me to pay homage to Nerd Nation, which has been the Stanford thing all year long. Secondly, Stanford, how much do you know about Stanford? Really hard to get in, great school, absolutely, and it's right in the heart, kind of the epicenter of the technology universe, OK, and these are Google glasses from right there.

"One thing we tell recruits all the time when we're in their homes is come to Stanford. Your summer interns can be at a place like Google or on any of those venture capitalist firms. A special place like Google, we have a great relationship with them, and mostly why I'm wearing them up here is probably because I'm the one on our staff that's most likely to buy these, so I'm kind of trying them out, as well, because I'm a big tech guy.

"I'm really excited about this product. I think it's really, really cool, and last but not least, I kind of wanted to flip the camera back on these reporters. They're not used to that. So I've got it back on them, so if they misspeak or if they basically go on a 30- or 60-second rant like some coaches do up here at the podium, we're going to put them on SportsCenter."