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Win 3 games - pocket $500,000

Mike Gundy has Oklahoma State 9-0 and ranked #2 in the BCS.

If his Cowboys are able to win their three remaining games (at Texas Tech, at Iowa State and then home vs. Oklahoma), Gundy should wind up playing in the National Championship game. If he does that, regardless of the outcome, Gundy will pocket a $500,000 bonus

Gundy's contract calls for three potential bonuses (he can only collect one). He gets about $35,000 for making a bowl game. He earns $100,000 for winning the Big 12 and he earns the $500,000 if they reach the title game.

Currently, Gundy's total compensation is about $2.1 million per season. Something tells us that if he makes the big game, that T. Boone will see to it that Coach Gundy gets a raise...and regarding that $500k "win or lose", we're thinking that if they win, Mr. Pickens might pick up the bar tab that night as well. Can you even imagine his joy if Gundy and gang were to beat former Oklahoma State head coach Les Miles and LSU in that game?