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Wisconsin changes up the color scheme for alternate helmet


In the most recent episode of The Camp, Gary Andersen revealed at a team meeting that they'll be sporting a new lid for game two against Tennessee Tech at Camp Randall.

The signature Wisconsin "W" remains the same, but the color scheme has flipped from predominantly white on red, to featuring red with white stripes and a white "W". Andersen added they'll wear the new helmet for one other game during the season as well.

The helmet reveal is at the end of the episode, but we have the video cued up from the beginning because of something that Andersen and the staff point out on film during a recent scrimmage. While the big plays are easy to see from the eyes of the guys holding the whistles, it's often the extra effort from your guys that make or break a play.

The staff does a great job of communicating that message (with an excellent example of the effort they're looking for) to the team during a team meeting in this clip.