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Withers: The value of experience

Everett Withers went from graduate assistant to defensive coordinator in one promotion. That promotion at age 24 forced him to mature quickly, and also allowed him an opportunity to get some great experience at a young age.

After all, it can't be easy directing a group of coaches older than you that wanted that same promotion.

It was then that Withers had to take his own advice. The same advice that he had been telling his players.

"We all say that football is probably the closest thing to real-life situations. The ups and downs and adversity, those things you go through in football are just like everyday life. When you learn how to deal with those situations on the football field, you're better prepared for real life."

Experience and adversity, eventually become knowledge.

"I think the value with experience is just dealing with different people and different situations, that's probably the biggest thing. What you try to do as a coach is try to put the good things and the bad things, the things you like and the things you don't like, evaluate them and see how you would run a program. As many experiences as you have, the better you are."

Well said.