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WKU HC Taggart has sense of urgency, brutal Sept schedule

Willie Taggart is ready to begin his first Fall camp as the Western Kentucky head coach.

On the slate in Nebraska, at Kentucky, Indiana, at South Florida.

You can feel Taggart's sense of urgency. 

“We’re not waiting on anybody, if you’re on board, you better buckle up. Come (tonight), we’re on lockdown.”

“The summer was everything I wanted and then some, there was some real positive feedback and guys were excited. And I was hearing from other people when I’d ask what the guys were doing, basically they’d tell me that ‘they go home and go to sleep.’ That’s what they’re supposed to do after a tough workout. So that’s a good thing.”

“Nebraska isn’t on the radar, we’re trying to get better, learn our own stuff and get better at what we do. If we’re good at what we do, it won’t matter who we play - we’ll be able to go out and execute. If we’re not good at it and we’re more worried about what someone else is doing - you’re not going to be good at anything. When it comes time for Nebraska, we’ll move to that. But we have to get good at what we do first.”

“All we talk about ever is finishing. Who’s going to finish? Who’s going all in with this thing.”