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Work backups in to keep your #1s fresh

Last season USC's defense got worn down. Going into game 1, Lane Kiffin says he plans to play a number of backups on defense throughout the game. 

"We're going to play a lot of guys...We don't want to happen what happened last season in which 3 times our opponents drove the field 60 yards and scored to beat us the last time they had the ball."

Kiffin says he'd rather play some backups throughout the game to ensure that his starters aren't gassed at the end of each game. 

Middle linebacker Chris Galippo said, "The difference between playing 40 plays and playing 75 plays, when it's the fourth quarter in a two-minute situation, it's huge." 

Kiffin explains his thinking in this video (skip the first 1 minute which is injury update and announcing the captains).