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World Domination

Okay so maybe World Domination is a little strong; but have you ever seen a company dominate their space the way Digital Sports Video is?

We're pretty confident that every coach knows that DSV is the premier video editing platform for high school football (already serving nearly half of the high schools in America). In fact, a few weeks ago we noticed that both the Texas High School Coaches Association and the Alabama Coaches Association had recently named DSV the official video editing platform for their respective states.

Now Florida is getting in on the act as well.

Shelton Crews, Executive Director of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association, tells us that they too have partnered with DSV, "We are very excited about our partnership with DSV. For the past 75 years the FACA has been providing resources for our coaches. DSV provides the most efficient and economical video systems in the industry. We are confident this partnership will help our coaches achieve at a higher level."

Combine all of this with the fact that DSV is headquartered in, and dominates in, California and we're beginning to think that soon they might be the only viable video editing platform out there.

Think about that...regardless of what business you are talking about...if one company's product is the dominant player in Texas, California, Florida and Alabama...and half of the rest of the country...that really is amazing.

A few years ago, showing their true wisdom, DSV created a platform called Player Direct which allows any college program to directly access the game film from any DSV client (and any of their opponents). With DSV's expanding reach into more and more high schools; we're not sure who stands to benefit the most, the college teams using Player Direct or the high school athletes now being seen & evaluated by more colleges than ever before.

Either way, this seems like a true win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Disclaimer: For several years now DSV has sponsored The Scoop. During this time each of our businesses have doubled in size. Another classic win-win (golf clap).