World's first marriage proposal via Hudl

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Well folks, here's something you don't see everyday...

Westfield High School (TX) coach Justin Outten used his team and Hudl to help propose to his girlfriend yesterday. 

Outten explained when publishing this video on Youtube:

Coach Outten asked his team to help propose to his girlfriend. There was a mock fight that was quickly broken up. Coach Outten gathered the team only to have another coach deliver a poster containing the hidden message "Vee will you marry me?" The poster was then revealed to the camera as the players and Coaches plead for an answer. Later that day Coach Outten texted his girlfriend explaining the horrible fight, which made her very concerned for her boyfriend's safety along with the players. The video was presented to her 2 days later on Coach Outten's HUDL video/editing program. When the poster was revealed on the video, Coach Outten dropped to a knee and proposed! Her reaction was also caught on tape. ENJOY!

Congratulations Coach and soon to me Mrs. Outten!