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Wow! Head coach owns up, takes full responsibility like never before

Head coaches have different ways of dealing with the media when things aren’t exactly going as planned.

Even though it’s not football-related, a loyal FootballScoop viewer emailed us with an interesting article about how LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri is dealing with a nightmare type of season.

Two years ago, Mainieri led the Tigers to their sixth national championship in twenty years. He never would have imagined the Tigers would currently sit in last place in the SEC (4-14 record) and in doubt of qualifying for even the SEC tournament. This type of situation doesn't happen at LSU.

Mainieri, however, has taken an approach we hardly ever see. Thinking about it, we certainly can't recall a particular head football coach that took such a similar approach.

Mainieri said, “If it was mystifying would mean I don't have any answers for it. I have the answers for it. I know why we're in this position and I take full responsibility for it. It's nobody's fault but my own. I've made some mistakes and we're going to correct those mistakes.”

"I don't sleep much these days. I've identified several things we need to do to get back. I'm not going to share them with you now because we've got four weeks to go in the season. That's for something to analyze when the season is over.”

"It bothers me that we went from winning the national championship to being in the position we're in right now. It should never have happened and I take responsibility for it. There were some bad decisions on my part, and I'm real ashamed we're in the position we're in now. I've let a lot of people down, but this season is not over. We're going to fight right to the end. I believe we can make the SEC Tournament the NCAA Tournament."

If you can think of a football coach that has owned up like Mainieri, please send us an email.

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