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Wow. One team receives strong praise from head coach following practice

How many coaches around the country would like to say the following about their team?

“Love the attitude. Love the work ethic. Getting better. Competing and I love the competition. Guys are going at it. Battling, scratching, picking each other up, patting each other on the butt, then going back at it again like they’re enemies, then pick each other up like they’re buddies. Practicing the way you’re supposed to practice and acting like a team does.”

(on the tempo of practice) “I think it’s quickened because of the familiarity of the program. What to do in the defense, in the offense, with these coaches. Then I think they understand what we want and there is great camaraderie between us.”

“The thing about this group that has impressed me the most is their maturity.”

Those are the words of Jimbo Fisher following today’s practice in Tallahassee.

Are the ‘Noles heading for a special year?