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Wow. Pasqualoni setting the bar high

Paul Pasqualoni will head into Spring practice with a group of inexperienced quarterbacks, but hopes one can emerge to become like Aaron Rodgers.

On the bright side, UCONN doesn’t have the most daunting non-conference schedule in 2011. In fact, the first five games include Fordham, at Vanderbilt, Iowa State, at Buffalo, and Western Michigan.

Pasqualoni told the Hartford Courant, “To me, he's (Aaron Rodgers) special because he's got this sense of moving in the pocket and scrambling and he's a little bit unique because he'll scramble to throw and he'll scramble to run. So he really drives you crazy because you don't know whether to stay back and you don't know whether to come up because he'll get by you either way and it just so happens we played against him, had him in the Pro Bowl last year and it kind of struck me, watching him practice how good he was at both. Usually, they're good at one or the other.”

“We might have a chance to have that kind of guy or at least we know enough about him to maybe we can coach one of these guys to be that kind of guy you know what I'm sayin?”

Good luck, Joe Moorhead. The expectations have been set for your quarterbacks.

Pasqualoni added, "Those quarterbacks, the scrambling kind of guy, they certainly can keep the plays alive, they certainly can be very, very productive. You have to be a little bit careful sometimes that they don't turn the ball over on you but to answer your question on the quarterback I just think you have to take what you have and you select a quarterback.”

Just get ‘em there, Joe.

“To me, it's not based on anything other than production. It has to be based on production. It can't be based on height. It can't be based on 40-yard dash time. It's got to be based on production, how the kids in the huddle feel about him, his leadership. Can he get the ball down the field, can he finish the drive, all those things. At the end of the day it's based on production."

"Trick Shot" McEntee is your guy, Coach Moorhead.