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Wow. Pretty strong words from North Dakota State head coach Craig Bohl

North Dakota State head coach Craig Bohl had some interesting words this week.

As you probably know, North Dakota State went into Lawrence, Kansas last Saturday and defeated Turner Gill’s Jayhawks by a score of 6-3.

As his team prepares for the road trip to Northern Iowa, Bohl said, “I think the environment that we're going to play in Cedar Falls is going to be much more of a hostile environment than Memorial Stadium in Kansas. That was pretty docile.”

"And the type of team that we're going to be playing is going to be a much more physical, aggressive football team than KU. And quite frankly I think we're going to be playing a better opponent.I know one school is in the Big 12 and the other one is in the Missouri Valley. I think that gives an indication on how we see Missouri Valley play and the respect we give Northern Iowa."

With these interesting comments, we wonder if there is something between Bohl and Turner Gill. Both played and then later served on the same coaching staff at Nebraska for a number of years.