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Wow. Questionable move by Turner Gill

How miserable would you be without a cell phone for a day?

According to J. Brady McCollough of the Kansas City Star, "KU coach Turner Gill has enforced a no-cell-phone policy on his players. The Jayhawks are to hand over their phones before they clock in the day before a game, and they’ll get them in the locker room after the game."

“Everybody was kind of in shock,” KU wide receiver Daymond Patterson said. “We hadn’t had anything like that in the past years. (Gill) just feels like it’s a business thing. He wants us to focus and be ready for the game and not be thinking about outside things.”

Can you imagine not being able to call your girl or your parents the night before and on gameday.? A coach may say, "They can call. They just have to use the hotel room phone." In reality, that's just not happening. 

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We'll think this opens up Coach Gill to a lot of criticism and could impact recruiting.