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Wrigley rules

Northwestern's playing Illinois tomorrow at Wrigley. We've all seen the pictures. The brick wall about one yard behind the back of the endzone.

Well, this morning someone woke up and decided that wasn't the safest idea. 

Hold on to your hats. This morning, the Big Ten announced that during the game, each offensive possession will go in the direction of the "one safe endzone". What?

Can't wait to see this one play out. Can't see how this won't impact the flow of the game. 

Some of the best tweets on the subject thus far:

IU vs. Northwestern will also use "3 Mississippi" rules when rushing the quarterback.

Instead of official replay, either coach can simply call a "do-over"

The Center becomes an eligible receiver after 10 seconds

Either team can choose to play with a Nerf ball if they want

QB can only run if he is rushed

"2 hand touch and I'm permanent QB"

Losers walk

"The ruling on the field stands, the runner was only touched with one hand..."

Only 1 blitz every 4 downs

"What's the play? Just get open!"

Too funny.