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Yes, we're about to play our 3rd Top 10 opponent this season

Tulsa is playing at Boise State Saturday (8PM - CBS). This will be Tulsa's third game this season against a Top 10 opponent after opening at Oklahoma (a 14-47 loss) and hosting Oklahoma State this past weekend (a 33-59 loss).

Sandwiched between those two, the Golden Hurricane did go down to New Orleans and have some fun (and they also beat Tulane 31-3).

This week, they get the pleasure of playing in Bronco Stadium where Boise State is 69-2 since 2000 (#1 in the Nation during that span), including 32 straight. 

Here's a note for you, Chris Petersen has won 61 games in his first five seasons as head coach (2006-2010). No other coach has won that many in over 100 years. In all honesty, we could fill the page with stats about Coach Pete's tenure at Boise; but we think it's pretty obvious. He has built a great program and he has a terrific quarterback for his system.

Back to Tulsa's schedule for a minute...again they are playing their 3rd Top 10 opponent this month. Contrast that with the fact that the entire Big Ten, the Big East and the Mountain West conferences only play one Top 10 opponent in their teams' first 4 games.

Let's rewind back to January 13th...Coach Blankenship is leaving athletic director Bubba Cunningham's office after just having been offered (and accepting) the head coaching position. We envision coach euphorically walking over to his office, closing his door, letting it sink in that he's going to be named head coach in the morning...After a minute, coach pulls out the schedule for the upcoming 2011 season......"In Norman...sheesh. Gundy's guys coming to town...ok, good for recruiting I guess; but geez. At Boise? Wait, what?"

Meanwhile, Todd Graham at Pitt has opened with Buffalo, Maine and Iowa.