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You can win with bad facilities, but not with bad people

It has been an exciting off season in Iowa City.

Greg Davis joined the staff as the offensive coordinator, Brian Ferentz left the Patriots for a chance to coach the offensive line under his father, and former Hawkeye and NFL veteran LeVar Woods was promoted from administrative assistant to linebackers coach.

Not to mention the new indoor practice facility that the finishing touches are being put on as we speak.

Relecting on the offseason, Hawkeye athletic director Gary Barta noted the importance of getting the right foundation of people in place first, and then focusing on facility upgrades.

"The first thing you have to do is hire and retain great people. You can have horrible facilities, but great people, and still have success. You can also have great facilities, but less than great people, and you are likely going to fail. Our first responsibility is to get great people on staff."

"Once you have great people, you need to give them the tools to succeed. That's been part of our master plan."