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Your state's highest-paid public employee is likely a college football coach


The highest-paid state employee in all 50 states works inside that state's university system. Often times it is a coach, but not always. In places where major college football is not emphasized (New York, Massachusetts, Maine) or not played (Alaska, South Dakota) the highest-paid employee is a college president or a dean, or in Nevada's case, a medical school plastic surgeon. 

In the other 40 states, the highest-paid state employee is a college coach. In basketball hotbeds like Kansas, Kentucky and Indiana, the hoops coach draws the biggest check. In New Hampshire, it's the hockey coach. 

Now with those caveats out of the way, according to research from Deadspin, in every other state in the country the highest-paid state employee is a college football coach. College football wins out in 26 and a half states (Minnesota was a tie between football and basketball). In SEC country, Big 12 country, Big Ten country, Mountain West country, the Pacific Northwest and even Hawaii, football coaches came out ahead. 

See how your state shakes out below.

(H/T Deadspin)