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Your team is off campus...and an emergency happens


As the head coach, you are in charge. You have a script for practice and a script for game day, but what about when something unexpected happens?

Imagine you are off-site and there is an emergency situation... clearly you first address and stabilize the situation at hand; but then how do you move forward, and how do you communicate with those affected? 

I wrote last week about AthletiCloud's mobile messaging platform for quickly and easily pushing group messages out via text or email from your mobile device, but today I'm looking more specifically at communicating with one player's family in the event of an emergency (for example a player suffers a broken leg while practicing off-campus). 

What really impresses me about AthletiCloud's solution is that nearly every coach these days has their phone available to them whenever they are off-site. The solution is one-touch.


Find the player and take action. 


Parents, trainers, doctors, etc...don't always answer a call from a number they don't recognize so I find the initial system driven text to alert them to the call about to come to be a great idea. 


 Then, the coach goes right down the pre-defined list making the necessary calls.


This "Emergency" feature was specifically designed by football coaches along with consultation from athletic trainers and other industry professionals. To me, and to a number of athletic directors and coaches I've heard from, this feature alone makes AthletiCloud a no-brainer. And for just $99 per year, this really is something that every coaching staff should be using. 

Disclosure> AthletiCloud is an advertiser with FootballScoop; but I chose to write this series of articles based on my belief in this new mobile platform after testing it and speaking with coaches who are using it. I encourage you to try the platform yourself.