YouTube helped Manny Diaz land Texas job

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Mack Brown told the New York Times that 3 SEC head coaches recommended that he hire Manny Diaz as his defensive coordinator. The recommendations were important to Brown, but the Texas head coach said that Manny’s YouTube clips were important, too.

Brown explained, “Everywhere I would call, and I hire a lot of SEC coaches because the pressure is a lot like this place, I asked three different head coaches in the SEC who they would hire and they all said, ‘The guy at Mississippi State.’ I don’t even know if they knew for sure what Manny’s name was at the time. They said that he’s doing stuff no one else is doing, that’s he innovative and on the edge of it.”

“So after the third call from an SEC head coach that said that I ought to hire Manny Diaz, I called my brother Watson and said, ‘Do you anything about Manny Diaz?’ He said, ‘Yeah, my offensive line coach is his best friend.’ He said they were graduate assistants together at one point. He said he’d find out about him and he called me back and said the guy is brilliant and on the edge of everything. When I started studying all of their video, you watch the Ole Miss game and Michigan game. I had about seven videos of them.”

Now you can pull up, it’s unbelievable, you can pull up anything on YouTube. You get him at clinics and talking to the team. I got interviews without ever talking to these guys. That was fun for me, too. In looking at what he was doing. He’s doing a lot of stuff that Rex Ryan is doing with the Jets.”

Texas will wrap up Spring practice with a nationally televised game on ESPN. The game is set for Sunday, April 3rd at 3 pm EST.