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Azzanni: The right or wrong personality can change your program

With the Vols staff finally getting settled in together down in Knoxville, a couple of the coaches, including receivers coach Zach Azzanni met with the media to talk about philosophies on the recruiting trail from his perspective as the recruiting coordinator.

Azzanni noted, that like every other coach in the country, he wants a whole lot of talent and speed in his group, but he also added that he wants some different personalities as well.

"After 15 years of doing this, I want personality. I want guys with different personalities that bring a different edge to the field." he explained.

"Personality is big these days. If you bring in the right or wrong one it could change your program."

If you don't have personality on your checklist already, right up there next to talent and size or speed, it may be something worth keeping in mind as you hit the recruiting trail.