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Zook and Brewster differ on 9-game Big Ten schedule

The Zooker and Tim Brewster have different opinions on the potential 9-game Big Ten schedule.

Quoting Ron Zook: (on a 9-game conference schedule in the Big Ten) "It's going to cost (the conference) bowl berths. It's going to knock teams out of the postseason. And it could cost somebody their job."

"This is why they don't let coaches have a say in this. I understand the desire to keep more of our revenues inside the conference, and the fans' preference for conference games instead of lesser opponents. But you're adding six more losses to our records -- that hurts the league. I don't know of many coaches who will be in favor of this."

Quoting Tim Brewster: (on a 9-game conference schedule in the Big Ten) "I'm definitely in favor. I think competition brings out the best in everybody. For us to elevate the status of Minnesota football, we want to play teams that bring value to us. Beating Towson State, to me, that doesn't elevate your program. The goal here is not to win six games and go to a bowl -- the goal is to win a championship. And to do that, you've got to focus on beating your peers."

"To me, it's all about recruiting. Kids get excited to play big games, good teams. I know we may lose some money by having an extra road game some years, but those games bring value to us. Play someone that gets kids enthused -- 'Hey coach, who you playing?' "

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel has also expressed concern. Tressel believes Ohio State needs to host 8 games at The Horseshoe to help pay for non-revenue sports at the university.

Source: Star Tribune - Phil Miller