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Zook changing approach on special teams

Ron Zook says the Illinois coaching staff is taking a different approach to special teams this year. Zook has decided to split up responsibilites, but the head coach will be very involved. 

“Of course, I’m going to be involved in all of it. What I’ve done this year a little bit differently is that each coach is going to be involved. For example, Coach (Ron) West has the punt team. I’m going to handle the punt return team, Coach West and I. Coach Smith is going to have the kickoff return. Coach West and I myself will be involved with the kickoff team. Coach Petrino, he wants the kickoff returners. Coach Brohm wants the punt returners. Coach Long wants to jump in there. A lot of times when you’ve got guys that have ownership in it, it means a little bit something, it means a little bit different thing in those meetings.” 

Zook also hints that new defensive coordinator Vic Koenning will be bringing a lot of pressure. New offensive coordinator Paul Petrino even told Zook this summer, “We have to get some time (in practice) versus base defensive looks.” 

You can watch Zook’s media day presser right here

Illinois opens up against Missouri in St. Louis on September 4th.