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High School Scoop - Friday October 25, 2019

Friday October 25, 2019


Nitro (WV): Nitro HS will have an opening for a coordinator position for the 2020 football season. There is a teaching position available as well. We are looking for the best coach, so we are willing to shuffle our existing staff. Nitro is a program on the rise with a lot of returners coming back on both sides of the ball. We are looking for a highly motivated coach that will be responsible for his side of the football. Please send a resume to

Offensive lineman: David Cutcliffe calls the big fellas up front on offense "the greatest human beings in football."

#WarmUp: Physics teach life lessons, fact about 90% of HS coaching staffs, your most dangerous habits aren’t your “bad” ones, #DailyDoseOfGoodness is leaving a HUGE tip, man thinks heel of bread in inedible, #WouldYouEatIt - Cinnamon rolls with Chili. Friday's One Minute Warm Up.