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High School Scoop - Thursday August 11, 2016

Monday August 11, 2016


Monroe Area (GA): Monroe Area HS has had a SPED position open up due to an internal promotion. We are seeking an assistant varsity coach for this position. Must have a Professional Certificate (no temporary) and available to start immediately. Please contact Joey Sulkowski at

Mixing Coverages Behind Zone Pressures: Most three deep, three under pressures, like the NCAA blitz, require five rushers and six cover defenders. But within each pressure, like a multitude of adjustments based off how the offense presents itself. Washburn University Co-Defensive Coordinator Zach Watkins has the ability to bring 4-7 defenders and still play zone coverage behind it and he does so by adjusting his pressures off offensive formation and ball location. In this exclusive X&O Labs clinic report, Coach Watkins details the three coverage structures, 6 drop, 6 rush and Trap 2, he uses in each of his three blitz patterns: Florida, Kansas and Texas. Keeping these patterns consistent allows for the same pressure out of both 4-3 and 3-3 and 3-4 looks. Read this clinic report here.