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High School Scoop - Thursday August 18, 2016

Thursday August 18, 2016


Offensive line: Best read of the week - The 6 most important life lessons you learn by playing offensive line.

Wisdom from Nick Saban: "Everybody says, ‘He just won 31-3. What’s he complaining about?’ But it goes back to the inner scoreboard versus the outer scoreboard. Which one is more important? If you’re going to accomplish your goals, it’s always the inner scoreboard.”

Watseka (IL): Aaron Hilgendorf, who was the head coach at Prairie Central HS (IL) is leading the Watseka program this season.

How Phil Bennett, Mike Stoops Gauge Success vs. Tempo Offenses: Defending tempo offenses has its own set of challenges, but what about the demands a defensive coordinator places on his unit when his program's offense is just as highly productive? X&O Labs interviewed defensive coordinators that are coordinating behind some of the top offenses in the country—three from the top five in scoring at the FBS level alone—and asked them a range of questions from the protocol they use to measure success, which statistics are now important (considering total defense and scoring defense are no longer relative) and what they are now doing in practice against their own offenses to prepare their units for the rigors of playing behind these tempo teams. Read the report here.