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High School Scoop - Thursday August 24, 2017

Thursday August 24, 2017


Mandeville (LA): Defensive coordinator Josh Buelle has been tabbed to take over for Guy LeCompte, who resigned earlier this week after 11 seasons.

New Research: Quick Vertical Shots to Protect Base RPOs – As a 10 personnel outfit that sees mainly six-man boxes, Quabbin High School (MA) needs to continually devise ways to attack edge defenders in the RPO game. While this may be commonplace thinking, in X&O Labs clinic report Head Coach David Buchanan and OC Harrison Ingles explain how they have added the ability to attack the defender that is being assigned to make that tackle against the pass (usually a safety or corner) to their RPO arsenal. It’s their RPO concepts such as Bubble/Go, Spot/Wheel, Snag/Bubble and Spot/Seam that have helped produce the highest scoring offense in the region’s history (43.2 PPG) with WRs and QB setting multiple school and regional records. Click here to read the report.