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High School Scoop - Thursday October 12, 2017

Thursday October 12, 2017


Riverside Notre Dame (CA): Head coach Derrick Johnson has announced his resignation.

"You just roll with it": Shelley Meyer on navigating life as a coach's wife

New Research: 3 Necessities in Defending RPOs from 4-2-5 Structures - The entire premise of an RPO offense lies in its ability to slow down defenses post-snap. Which is why it’s important for DCs to give their players some comfortability to play fast by building adjustments within their system. It’s a philosophy that Laguna Hills High School (CA) defensive coordinator Marty Albert has used to curtail the big play potential that RPOs present. In his exclusive X&O Labs clinic report, he details the three methods he uses in his 4-2-5 scheme to defend RPOs-- muddying the QB’s read, altering B gap responsibility and blitzing the read defender. Click here to read the report.

Why does Dabo have his defensive backs wearing boxing gloves? He got the idea from Bill Belichick.

Player takes knee during national anthem, and his teammates decide to kick him off the team