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High School Scoop - Thursday October 5, 2017

Thursday October 5, 2017


Salem (IN): Salem HS in Salem, Indiana has an immediate opening for a HS Algebra 1 position. We are looking to fill the position ASAP. There will be football and wrestling opportunities. Wrestling position could be HC. Anyone interested please contact HFC RJ Hartsfield at

Everman (TX): Head coach Dale Keeling has announced to his team that he will retire after this season, per Matt Stepp.

New Research: Various Tag Modules to Protect the Stick Concept - Because of its short distance and high percentage throw, the stick concept continues to rise in popularity among offensive coordinators. So, it becomes necessary to protect it with backside tags, RPOs and the screen game. In his exclusive X&O Labs clinic report, Godby High School (FL) offensive coordinator and former Florida Gator standout Jacquez Green details the most effective backside tags, RPOs and screen concepts he uses to complement the stick concept. These variants helped push the stick concept from 8 yards to 19 yards per reception last season. Click here to read the report.


The NCAA wants to standardize the number of people involved in recruiting