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High School Scoop - Thursday September 15, 2016

Thursday September 15, 2016


Clinton (OK): Reade Box has taken over as the interim head coach, following the resignation of third-year head coach Philip Koons.

Bunch Pop RPO:Like many offensive coaches studying the RPO system, offensive coordinator Eric Bendig decided to take one of his top formations, the Bunch formation, and blend it with his top run and pass concepts. The result was the Bunch Pop RPO, which helped his program gain 4,117 yards of offense, averaged 6.3 yards per play and 33 points per game last season. In this exclusive X&O Labs clinic report, Coach Bendig details the three post-snap options he utilizes in the concept and variables that affect the decision making process of the quarterback. Read the clinic report here.

Gilmer (GA): Casey Wingard is the new head coach of the program.