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High School Scoop - Thursday September 16, 2021

Scout Smart Fall 2021

QwikGem: Week 3's QwikGem comes from Ocean Springs HS (MS)

Ball tonight!: Ohio plays at Louisiana Lafayette tonight at 7pm ct (ESPN). The New York football Giants play at the Washington Football Team at 8:20 et (NFLN).

Payday Games: "All money ain't good money," says Coach Prime.

Gary Patterson: Gary said it out loud. Yeah, he went there. "There is no wrong anymore" when it comes to paying players. 

SEC: Someone took a stab at the jobs that SEC head coaches would have outside of coaching based on their headshot, and some of the guesses are hilariously spot on.

#Nuggets: We get three games between major powers who don't play each other as often as they should