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High School Scoop - Thursday September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22, 2016


Brookside Christian (CA): Brookside Christian is in need of a line coach immediately. May be able to get a stipend with some additional duties. Perfect for a young coach or pop warner coach looking to make the jump to HS. Please contact Coach McGowan (Mac) at 707-495-8512 or

Miami Jackson (FL): Luther Campbell has stepped down as defensive coordinator.

"30 years from now I hope the legacy I've left is, 'Coach never lied to us, even when it hurt.'"

Lancaster (CA): All graduating college players looking to join the Football Coaching Ranks in 2017 - Lancaster High School of California runs a Football Coaching Internship Program; We Teach you to coach, network and develop student-athletes in all facets of the game. We provide access to substitute teaching, small coaching stipends, multi-sport coaching and low income housing recommendations for financial stability. Our goal is to network and develop you to become an graduate assistant or intern college coach within 1 to 2 years. You will develop these skills here in California. There are certain requirements and time consuming needs that need to be accomplished before hiring can occur. If interested please contact Joe Carnevali, Defensive Coordinator, (805) 258-6992 or