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High School Scoop - Tuesday September 28, 2021

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CoachComm 9-21-2021

Pataula Charter (GA): Head coach Todd West passed away as the result of a car accident on Monday evening. Please join us in raising up coach West's family in prayer.

Georgia Southern: We talk through the Georgia Southern situation in the latest episode of the FootballScoop Podcast.

Sam Pittman: As a young coach observing other programs, Sam Pittman picked up his upbeat coaching style as he observed that players will never reach their full potential when motivated by fear.

CoachComm: The Cobalt PLUS coaching headset system featuring the SmartBoom® PRO headset provides you with more users, more flexibility than ever before, and all with the audio performance you've come to expect from CoachComm.​And now, there’s even more. Cobalt PLUS also enables coaches to communicate with players during practice using the NEW Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver. With the power of Cobalt PLUS, coaches can now experience communication without compromise and can help you get the most out of your coaching headsets.

UTSA: Jeff Traylor is so concerned his team is going to eat the cheese after their 4-0 start that he's willing to drink a whole gallon of it.