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High School Scoop - Wednesday October 13, 2021

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QwikCut: Our stats analysts are dedicated to giving teams accurate and insightful data. We understand the importance of game planning because coaches are using more data than ever to prepare for upcoming games. If you need more than a basic breakdown, contact us to learn more about our advanced stats packages. Plus, coaches can also add custom columns within the platform, allowing your team to filter on just about anything imaginable. We’ll save your staff hundreds of hours this season!

Simulated Pressures: With perhaps the best defensive front seven in college football, and the nation's top defense, Kirby Smart shares why their defensive philosophy has shifted to more "simulated pressures."

Taking Stock of the 2019 FBS Hiring Class: We're halfway through the 2021 season, which means it's rubber-meets-road time for the class of 2019.

Life Lesson: To get past the personal disappointment of his demotion, Kerry Coombs had to take some of his own coaching

Mike Leach: According to Leach, there are two things that help separate Nick Saban from the rest of the coaching elite, and they have nothing to do with scheme.