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Thursday August 27, 2015

Thursday August 27, 2015


Madison County (Huntsville, AL): Madison County has an immediate need for an assistant coach who can teach science. Please contact head coach Scott Peavey at 770.846.1800 or

St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH): Saint Ignatius HS is looking to hire a volunteer intern in their strength and conditioning program. See details here.

The 11 Most Effective Open Field Tackling Drills: X&O Labs' research shows that 32 percent of open field tackles are missed. It's the highest missed tackle rate among all types of potential tackles and X&O Labs found the deficiencies fall into three main problem areas: defenders come to balance too early on the ball carrier, defenders lose leverage as force players and defenders overrun cutback angles. In this week's troubleshooting series, X&O Labs combed through the annals of their database to find the eleven most effective drills in eliminating these problem areas. It's a culmination of how various coaches are teaching their defenders to close space and make tackles in the open field in one-on-one situations. These drills range from the NFL through the high school level and can be implemented in your program this afternoon to solve the open field tackle predicament. See X&O Labs' Open Field Tackling Drills Here.

North Port (FL): Jared Powers, who lead the program last year, has joined the staff at Limestone College (D-II - SC) as offensive line coach / recruiting coordinator.