The NFL Draft is a magical time, the one weekend a year where the professional and college games converge in a celebration of the years of hard work put in by the lucky few hundred young men chosen to play pro football.

It’s also the biggest weekend of the year for the graphic design department of every college football program. Having a player selected by an NFL team is a major recruiting tool for college programs, and it’s on the graphic designers to turn around a compelling image that celebrates the player and sells the school to potential recruits. And unlike National Signing Day, there’s little to zero advance notice on where one of your players may end up, so Draft weekend is where the real talent in college football’s graphics game rises to the occasion.

Helpfully compiled by Trenches Design, here are the 10 best graphics — presented in no particular order — created over the weekend.



NC State:

Penn State:


Ohio State:


Oklahoma State:


West Virginia:

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