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10-minute clinic: 2x2 Shallow and 3x1 Drive concepts from Comstock Park HS (MI) head coach Doug Samuels

To kick off our 10-minute clinic series, I decided to hop on and share two really successful and versatile passing concepts we have used at Ravenna HS (MI), and will continue to use as my staff and I take over the program at Comstock Park HS (MI).

Both concepts stretch and stress defenders horizontally and give you high-efficiency, in-rhythm options for your quarterback to get the ball in the hands of playmakers who can catch the ball with momentum.

During these quick clinics, we want to give coaches a ten-minute platform to go in depth on one play, scheme, technique or finer point of their position group.

If you're interested in presenting in depth on something as part of a quick clinic, please fill out this form to be considered and head here to see all of the FootballScoop Online Clinic content to date.

Check my full clinic talk below.