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10-Minute Clinic: Attacking the secondary with vertical passing concepts with West Liberty (D-II - WV

West Liberty (D-II - WV) quarterbacks coach Chris Riley joined us today for the 10-minute clinic challenge to share some vertical passing concepts to attack the secondary.

Our 10-minute Clinic format is a unique opportunity for competitive coaches to take viewers through one effective play, scheme, or technique that they can really dig into the finer points of and share in a maximum of ten minutes.

Do it, and get the “W,” but go over the allotted time, and you’ve got to take the “L.” The time starts after a very brief intro.

Head here to see all of the FootballScoop Online Clinic content to date, and fill out this form to be considered for a future full-length, or 10-minute clinic presentation.

See coach Riley's full presentation below: