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10 reminders of "What Coaching ISN'T"

The other day, I exchanged some direct messages on Twitter with @WMSCKickoff (aka GRidiron Classic), after seeing something they shared that caught my eye that included 10 things about "What Coaching Isn't".

@WMSCKickoff is the Twitter handle behind the West Michigan's Sports Commission's prep football kickoff event that takes place at Grand Valley State University (D-II - MI) and Davenport University (D-II - MI) pitting a number of good high school football teams against each other at college stadiums in the Grand Rapids area.

What initially caught my attention was something they shared entitled What Coaching Isn't. It's something thatthey found it a long time ago in a NFHS Coach and Athletic Director magazine, and it had struck a chord with them, so they had hung onto over the years before deciding to share it with their audience of coaches - most of which are in Michigan, and who were slated to start two-a-days Monday.

That list is a great reminder for young coaches, and guys just starting off about what the profession is all about, and it most certainly covers What Coaching Isn't very well.