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100 recruits share how important uniforms are in the recruiting process, and the styles they prefer


A number of factors weigh into a recruit's decision to ultimately pick a school including tradition, conference affiliation, distance from home, who the coaching staff consists of, their history of putting guys in the NFL...the list could go on and on.

The guys at Pick Six Previews took 100 recruits (most of which were either sophomores or juniors in high school) and surveyed them about just how important the uniform is in the recruiting process. According to the article, they picked sophomores and juniors because they're still early on in the recruiting process and "the goal of this survey is to gauge how well schools are positioning themselves in the minds of recruits before perceptions may be altered by relationships with coaches, official visits, and the rest of the 'sales' process."

Those 100 recruits were then asked a series of questions. 72 out of 100 of them believe that the statement "Uniforms have a great impact on my perception of a team" is either "Moderately True" or "Very True", while just 11 recruits responded "Very False".

Perhaps most interesting is that recruits were then asked if a school's uniform will impact their college decision - 31 responded "Very False" to that statement, while 24 said "Moderately False," 26 said "Moderately True," and just 7 said "Very True".

Unsurprisingly, Nike was the "coolest" brand ranked by recruits, garnering a 9.5 out of 10 score, while Adidas came in second (8.1), followed closely by Under Armour (7.9). Recruits surveyed ranked Russell Athletic the least cool brand with a score of just 2.9 out of 10.

Recruits also ranked the best uniforms in their eyes, and the Pick Six Previews staff put this infographic together to display the results. As you can see, when it comes to uniforms, today's recruits want modern looks, and they also prefer options. Fan bases would clearly have a much different opinion on that question.


Credit: Pick Six Previews

Schools on the best uniform list averaged 8.8 wins in 2015, while those on the worst uniforms list averaged just 6.5 wins last year.

Of course, recruits consider a number of different (and more important) things when going through the recruiting process beyond uniform designs, but these results give an interesting look inside what they find attractive. A lot goes into the overall brand of your program, but uniforms may be the one thing you control the most, and this research provides some great perspective on what today's recruits are looking for.

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