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11 observations from this "United States of College Football" graphic


A few moments ago, @CloydRivers tweeted out this interesting graphic depicting The United States of College Football.

Looks pretty cool at first glance right? I thought the same things, so I retweeted it, and nearly 1,700 other people have done the same. But then I started to notice a few things that don't seem quite right.

Here are my 10 initial observations from the graphic:

  1. The geography of the Michigan programs is all wrong. Michigan and Michigan State should trade places on the map and so should Central Michigan and Western.
  2. Really clever use of the Florida State and Texas logos on the map.
  3. No love for Colorado State? They did win 10 games last year...
  4. Of the eight FBS programs in the Buckeye State, Ohio State is a no brainer, but why Ohio U over Cincinnati, or Toledo, or any of the others?
  5. Could Vanderbilt's logo be any smaller?
  6. Why not include the absolutely dominant small college programs like Wisconsin-Whitewater (D-III), or Mount Union (D-III)?
  7. Why are the logos for Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska, Illinois, Texas and Washington so much bigger than everyone elses?
  8. Houston got the shaft too! But hey, UTEP is included..and don't try to tell me geography was part of the selection process because UNI is basically in Canada.
  9. Who is the Indian head logo in between Minnesota and North Dakota State? That spot could easily belong to Utah..another program that got snubbed.
  10. Instead of some of those FCS programs in the great plains area, the Bison logo from NDSU should be disproportionately larger to properly illustrate their dominance of the FCS ranks.
  11. Hey Hawaii, since you're not part of the continental US, I guess you can't be a part of this graphic. Tough luck.