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11 things that I didn't expect to see this weekend


Every weekend of college, and professional football is filled with surprises in one form or another. Sometimes it's the final score, or a tweet, and other times it's a game stat, or a surprising individual performance.

Here is a collection of the things I (probably) would have bet the farm against in Week 3.

1) The Big Ten's dismal start

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) September 14, 20142) A punter with a knockout shot (at least it appears that way)

3) SEC officials had some trouble counting to 11

4) South Carolina has one of the worst yards per play defenses through three games...and somehow they sit at 2-1.

5) Kentucky's offense has been blowing up for big plays left and right through three games.

6) Texas' captains evidently forgot how a coin toss worked

7) I know how much stock MOST people have in preseason polls, but nonetheless this surprised me

8) Then there was this nugget from the Chicago vs. San Francisco game last night

9) Baylor and Texas Tech (112 and 129 pass attempts, respectively) have yet to give up a sack (via CFBStats)


10) Boston College torched USC for HOW MANY RUSHING YARDS, and held them to just 20? ...And wait, they only won by 6?


11)...and last but not least; a Neuheisel (Rick's son Jerry, the backup quarterback for the Bruins) being carried off the field by UCLA on Saturday