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13 phrases high school coaches hate hearing from college coaches during the recruiting process


Yesterday we published an article featuring a list of the "12 Phrases College Coaches Hate To Hear During The Recruiting Process," and after publishing it, we had a number of high school coaches reach out to us to suggest that that we tackle their side of things as well.

Coaches from all across the country weighed in with suggestions, and after sorting through them all, we compiled them into a list of the ones we heard time and time again.

Below you'll find The Top 13 Phrases High School Coaches Hate Hearing From College Coaches During The Recruiting Process, according to the coaches that weighed in:

  1. "Sorry I didn't call to let you know I was stopping by"
  2. "We're only offering this year's graduating class"
  3. "He's a really good player, he's just not big/strong/fast enough to play for us," OR "He's stiff"
  4. "He's an outstanding player, but he's a 'tweener'" OR "He's good, we just don't have a true position for him in our offensive/defensive scheme"
  5. "We love [insert player name here], but we need to get him to our camp to REALLY evaluate him."
  6. "Who has offered him already?"
  7. "We'll swing by if you've got kids that can actually play for us next year"
  8. "Man, with a player like [insert player's name here], why the heck were you running that scheme? I would have ran [insert scheme here] with him."
  9. "When you're told time and time again from a college coach that 'Our doors at the facility are always open to you and your staff,' but when you call to set up a visit you can't get ahold of anyone."
  10. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we no longer have a scholarship available for your guy"
  11. "We're still evaluating that position, so not sure we have a scholarship available there"
  12. "Hey coach! What's it been, 8 years since we last talked?" Because some college coaches won't swing by until there's a really good prospect they want to see
  13. "We're going to wait a little while before we offer [insert player's name here]"

Have one that's not included in the list? Email me at, or hit me on Twitter @CoachSamz.