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17 FBS head coaches matched up with their perfect emoji


Over the last few days, NBA free agency has prompted players and franchises to use emojis like they're going out of style. Then, last night I saw the following tweet comparing current and former NBA players to emojis, and I found it quite funny.

At first I just shrugged it all off as silly, but the more I got to thinking about it, the more I wondered if the same could be done for college coaches.

Once I started to dig in, the findings were quite entertaining.

Now that this is out there for the masses, feel free to exchange actually texting a coaches name in the future with one of these emojis, and send me those that I may have glossed over to @CoachSamz on Twitter.

Urban Meyer - This one is pretty cut and dry; the defending national champ gets the crown
Steve Spurrier - Hey, the ol' ball coach likes his golf.
Al Golden - For the only head coach that wears a shirt and tie on the sideline. (Also worth mentioning - )
Les Miles - The Mat Hatter has the perfect emoji to match his nickname
Nick Saban - It's only appropriate for the highest paid college football coach in the country, right?
Mike Leach - Leach famously rode his bike to his interview with Wazzu AD Bill Moos.
Butch Jones - Jones is a huge believer in The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon (a great read by the way) so this is only appropriate.
Gus Malzahn - Two words: Auburn Fast.
Jim Harbaugh - Even if you're knowledge ofHarry Potter is limited (like mine) you know this symbol appeared on Harry's head because he was "The Chosen One," and Harbaugh is Michigan's "Chosen One".
Jim Mora - When you play your home games in the Rose Bowl, this just makes sense.
Jerry Kill and Steve Addazio - As the only two FBS head coaches with a mustache this is perfect.
Bill Snyder - As the senior-most member of FBS head coaches, the judges gavel is only appropriate for Snyder.
Dabo Swinney - Back in 2014, Dabo's program was attacked by an organization as "being too religious" so the praying hands seem to fit well.
Bret Bielema - This one is rather obvious. #WooPigSooie
Steve Sarkisian - Since this is the official hand signal at USC, it fits Sark perfectly.
Dana Holgorsen - Since a Red Bull emoji doesn't exist yet, the cup of coffee is fitting for Holgo, the undisputed king of caffeine among FBS head coaches.