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2016 Tech product you just have to see: Meet Lily


I've always been interested in technology and am always looking to find amazing companies or companies with amazing technologies. When I see one that has applications for the coaching profession I just can't help but share...have a look at Lily.

Yesterday St. Norbert College defensive coordinator Ryan Osborn (who happens to also serve as video coordinator) sent me a link to Lily.Camera and well, yeah, this is one of those that you just have to see.

The company is accepting pre-orders now for Lily ($500).

Imagine using Lily to fly overhead while the team does the "TigerWalk" or as your team runs into the stadium. Or, perhaps you'd like to use Lily over the quarterback during 7 on 7...or perhaps...well you get it, ideas upon ideas...

Let me know your ideas for using Lily and if you are aware of any new or exciting tech companies or products please do let me know @FootballScoop.